Groovy Rectangle Cake Sickle Ice Cream Mould - 4 Cavity

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Silicone Mould for Ice Cream Pops, Drizzle Shape-4 Cavity

Silicone Mould for Ice Cream Pops, Premier Shape Ice cream Bar Moulds by NY Cake remind you of your youth and those hot summer days. Even Better, no more paying the ice cream truck. Treat yourself with a sweet and refreshing Popsicle that brings out the child in all of us at every bite. Premier Bar Ice Cream Moulds can make tasty Popsicle, ice-creams and snacks with your favourite ingredients.Can also be used for Cake Pop's.

Set includes silicone mould for 4 bars, each bar about 1 1/2inch x 3 inch x 1inch
Silicone non-stick surface allows ice cream to pop out with ease and is easy to clean up.

FDA  Approved. Non toxic, odourless and tasteless. Safe in dishwasher, microwave, freezer (-80 degrees F) and oven (450 degrees F).
Oven Safe for baking and pouring HOT Chocolate.