Super Streusel - Holly Jolly Ginger

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Imagine you are a little gingerbread man crumble. So just very briefly. Do you know what you could do then? Bathe in sprinkles! In a sea of sprinkles of green sprinkles, green non-pareilles, gold sprinkles and pearls, white confetti, white and gold mini chocolate balls and delicate large, white and gold chocolate balls. You could make a dough from the edge of the cookie in the crumble bowl, pull two or three strips and then consider taking a little gluttony between green and golden sugar sticks. Life as a gingerbread man crumble ... is there a nicer one? With our tip-apple mix, in any case, you are very close to fulfilling your Christmas sprinkle dreams. Can open, sprinkles out, done.

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Mixing: During transport, the large sugar sprinkles & chocolate pearls usually jerk into the middle of the can. So don't be sad when you hold your sprinkle can in your hands for the first time & you see far too many small sprinkles. To look at the full super sprinkles, just tip the can into a larger bowl and let yourself be enchanted :)

Care: The elongated, metallic coated tablets contain a thin, raw noodle (yes, indeed!) That is coated with sugar. Although they are one of the most beautiful, they are also the hardest that our Christmas crumble mixes have to offer. So please enjoy with care.

Kindly note: It may be that you have started to sprinkle and cannot stop. This is normal and you don't have to worry. Just keep sprinkling.