Super Streusel - Snookums Organic Vegan sprinkles

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With Snookums you can bring the brightest organic and vegan crumble mix to your home. Here you get the full pastel blast and a good mood to snack on immediately. Pink confetti sprinkles, lilac hearts, yellow confetti and blue sugar sprinkles - an ORGANIC mix couldn't be more colourful, poppy and beautiful! And when you sprinkle it for the first time, you will see: it just looks soo pretty! Sprinkle it on your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, smoothie bowls and pancakes. That’s just what they’ve been waiting for :)


The big balls in our mix are, by the way, our SuperPops. That sounds strange at first, but that's exactly what it is: You first suck on them a little, then the balls crumble in your mouth until they are dextrose-like and leave a lemony note. Delicious! And BIO. And vegan! And the absolute icing on the cake for your cupcake.


This super streusel mix is ...

✔ Organic

✔ vegan

✔ vegetarian

✔ lactose-free

✔ ... super!


Kind note: It may be that you have started to sprinkle once and can't stop. This is normal and you don't have to worry. Just keep sprinkling everything.