Super Streusel - Vegan Sprinkles - Sugar Hooves

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SugarHooves brings you the berry-like unicorn magic on your cakes! Our pink organic and vegan unicorn sprinkle mix spin circles between berry-coloured hearts, confetti and sugar sprinkles. Your perfect decoration companion if one of your favourite people has a sudden unicorn emergency urgently needs amusement or enchantment or the birthday party with a unicorn motto is simply unavoidable! Open the SugarHoovesTin and let the unicorn sprinkles jump!


The big balls in our mix are, by the way, our SuperPops. That sounds strange at first, but that's exactly what it is: You first suck on them a little, then the balls crumble in your mouth until they are dextrose-like and leave a lemony note. Delicious! And BIO. And vegan! And the absolute icing on the cake for your cupcake.


This super streusel mix is ...

✔ Organic

✔ vegan

✔ vegetarian

✔ lactose-free

✔ ... super!


Kind note: It may be that you have started to sprinkle once and can't stop. This is normal and you don't have to worry. Just keep sprinkling everything.